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Chino Hem Men's
  • Chino Hem Men's
  • Measure Top Chino Pant Hem
  • Measure Bottom Chino Pant Hem Men's
  • Men's Chino Pant Hem Marked Ready to Cut
  • Cut Men's Chino Pant Hem
  • 3/4" Chino Pant Hem Stitched, Inside Outside

Mens Pants Hem Chino

Alterations Processed in 3 working days.

Simply send in your pants or drop them off to our Shop, Chino Pant Hem Description Below:

This hem it the standard for Men's Chino, in image above. Ace alterations well cut your pants to size leaving 3/4 inch double fold. Pants are sewed with a  matching thread to the original color and style (stone washed pants well be sightly different due to the stone washed process). Please Follow “Pinning and Measuring Guide Pant Hem Normal” below in Attachments tab. Also review our Style Guide for Pant Hems.



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Measuring Guide Pant Hem Normal

Pinning and Measuring Guide Pant Hem Normal

Download (228.03k)

Men’s Pant Hem Style Guide

Men’s Pant Hem Style Guide

Download (228.22k)