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Terms and Conditions

1.    All Alterations and Dry Cleaning is to be paid in full at time of drop off.

2.    All Garments should be in clean and good condition for alterations. Unclean garments well not be worked on due to OH&S. 

3.    Shrinkage, all garments should be per-washed before alterations. Shrinkage is not covered.

4.    Unclaimed garments well only be stored for 60 days from received date.

5.    Alterations to garments pinned by a third party other than Ace Alterations is not covered. We have set up measuring guides to prevent the customer making any mistake. Pinning in store is covered to the style agreed once pined and measured. This agreement is a verbal contract between Ace Alterations and the Customer. Customer Change of Mind is not covered. Rectification work are charged at current prices. 

6.    Alterations have a tolerance of 1cm +-.

7.    Discounts only apply once to any transition. No multiple discounts.

8.    Refunds or Rectification claims must be made with original Tax Invoice. This has your measurements and style agreed to on it.

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