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Ace Curtain Alterations Gold Coast Robina

Ace Curtain Alterations can Alter and Repair all types of Curtains. Whether it’s a simple Hem for Curtains that are too long or custom Curtain Design, we have you covered. Either bring in your curtains to our Gold Coast Robina Store or Ship them in to us. Curtain Hems are from $20.00 per meter inc GST. If you’re sending in just measure the length to take up each corner of your Curtains. To get accurate measurements you should hang each Curtain individually. Mount each Curtain and move to a fully close position, check each corner and that the Curtains are at an even height for the total length. Individually number your Curtains for each window we suggest the following. Frist note Room, then Window, then Side, Side should be marked looking from the Inside to Outside and Hem Height. For example Master Room North Window 1, Left Hand Side, Lift Hem Left Corner 20cm, Lift Hem Right Corner 22cm, Hem Height 15cm and then Safety Pin this on each Curtain. If you need any assistance just call us on 0416431654 or email your request. We are here to help you! Google maps location is below.

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